About Me

Emily began her art journey at an early age. She had parents who exposed her to many galleries and lake district artists. 

She moved to London to go to Drama school and got her degree in Stage management. She found her spark and style after moving to Coventry and now uses her live of architecture, photography and Colour to create her pieces. She hopes to bring life and vibrancy to central hall with the use of her digital art.

Digital artist, painter and photographer.

As an artist I find I have many inspiration. I adore then impressionists and Japanese animation. I take my camera or phone everywhere I go and am constantly taking picture. sometimes my art comes form one single picture, and other times I can use dozens. I use a combination of photo editing, digital drawing on my iPad as well as paint pens and acrylic paint to make the finished pieces.

I love using recycled canvas, these include records, bottles and old prints from charity shops. I love the range of surface that this gives me, and add to a variation in my work.

My most recent projects have mostly been digital due to the nature of my circumstance. I am a parent, and over the last year, home schooling, my mental health, and the well-being of the house hold has meant that taking over a space to create physical work has been harder, so creating my work online is the best solution. the other major change in my work is moving away from the “Coventry Blue” project that I had been working on for the past few years, and adopted the rainbow themes used to support the ohs during the pandemic. This is a colour scheme that I love and as a member of the LGBTQ+ community, I have long loved and worn rainbow colours.

Instagram @emilytylerartist

Facebook @tapdancingcat

Photo and art credit; Emily Tyler unless otherwise stated


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