Nikki Bovis- Coulter; Faith Hope Love

Nikki; with a background in Art and Design , specialising in Illustration. Nikki worked in publishing, as well as running a design and production company with husband which included sign-writing, web design and events management, but her heart lies with community art and helping people discover the creativity in themselves, which is there in all of us – we just sometimes need help expressing it or finding an outlet for it. This is the key to Nikki’s residency at Central Hall, as she is running workshops. these include Batik (an Indonesian technique of wax-resist dyeing applied to the whole cloth), Printmaking ( including Lino printing), and enviro art ( using natural materials to create kaleidoscope style images.)



Print making and positive words.

if you fancy taking part in any of Nikki’s workshops, contact her about availability and times.


instagram; @faithhopelovearttoday


All photos are courtesy if Nikki Bovis Couler unless otherwise stated.


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