Residency plans

After initially applying to do art therapy and mental health focused workshops at Central hall City of culture residency, I decided that the spaces within the building desperately needed colour. Listening to the staff in the hall, Covid and the loss of the cafe hit the hall hard, and the life had drained out of the building. It is much loved by staff and regular visit, but is in major need of this love to be share far and wide, and the best way to do this is through making it place that outsiders want to visit.

Central hall tower from the roof

As well as it being a building with space to hire, it also hosts several churches, and this project was funded by the Methodist church circuit to support the Coventry, Uk city of Culture 2021. The large cash injection means that the Hall can offer the Coventry2021 support, has hired 5 artists in residents, including myself. 

I have decided to do several projects over my six months of my residency. 

  1. Canvas – various pieces of the hall and surrounding area
  2. Projection – animated figures created from filming people using the spaces
  3. Windows – colourful enhancing the views and casting colours across spaces 
  4. Response to Modern art trail coming to Central Hall and other venues in September 2021
View from the roof of Central Hall

I also hope to support and collaborate with the other artists in residence, and this began on Saturday 26th June, where we were part of the “meet the artist’ event, in the Bull Yard between 10-1.

I am excited to share my journey on this site, and I look forward to the art I am already creating and the friendships being created through this project. 

Bull Yard painting in progress

I also hope to hold an exhibition of my work towards the end of 2021. More details to come.

Photo credits; Emily Tyler unless otherwise stated

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